Post Falls Historical Society

Post Falls Museum Wish List

 Want to be a part of history? 

Consider donating your time and/or an item listed below.  

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All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

All donors will be listed on our website, in our newsletter, and in our museum. 




Thank you for your support!

Interpretive Center- This room will be set up to show oral histories on DVD,s along with other historical information on the internet and on PowerPoint, using a computer connected to a projector.

LCD or DLP projector and 20 foot VGA cable for interpretive center

Screen for interpretive center (approximately 4 to 6 feet in length and width)

Blank DVDs for transferring VHS tapes of previously recorded oral histories

Western Display

Old wall tent (smaller size)

Faux campfire


Historical Post Falls' artifacts and accompanying stories

Signs for four rooms (ex: “Interpretive Center”)

8 foot ladder

Clear plastic storage tubs with lids

Large coffee pot/urn (for events)

Large hot water pot/urn (for events)

Large cold beverage container with dispenser spout (for events)

Folding chairs
Adjustable height office chair



Shadow boxes

Blank CDs and DVDs

Digital tape recorder

Silent auction items or themed basket to raise funds during Annual Banquet and Oktoberfest events


Scan old photos and save on CDs

Scan school annuals and save on CDs

Scan, enlarge, and reprint some water damaged photos

Create slide shows of old photos and burn on DVDs

Create PowerPoint of Post Falls historical overview using scanned photos

Convert oral histories on audio cassette to audio CD or digital format


Remove and spray paint ceiling tiles or purchase replacement tiles

Dust furniture and exhibits

Wash windows

Build custom wheeled display stand for carved canoe

Volunteer to staff the museum (flexible scheduling available)

Build lockable storage area in current shower stall in bathroom

Build picture frames to fit photos in storage

Build moveable half walls to create separate display spaces  (see Heritage Museum in Spokane)

Monetary Donations-

Start up fund for gift shop items (postcards, notecards, etc.)

Mural sponsorships ($200 and up dependent upon size)- name will appear on signage

Room sponsorships ($1000)- name will appear on room signage

Mailbox sponsorships ($100)- name will appear on mailbox tag

Future Service Needs-

Build soda fountain counter base

Plumbing work for sink installation near soda fountain

Run electricity for ice cream fountain freezer

Future Wish List Items-

Bar stools for soda fountain

Milk shake machine

Granite countertop for soda fountain counter

Other equipment for future soda fountain (ice cream freezer unit, scoops, stainless steel sink and fixtures, etc.)