Setting up the Museum Setting up the Museum Chapin Building View from 4th Street facing Spokane Street 44285147 Chapin Building The original doorway was restored during the renovations. 44285148 Interior Renovations The sheetrock was removed from two main walls, exposing the orginal brick. Most of the orginal hardwood floors were saved. 44285149 The Intersection View The view of the intersection of Spokane St. and 4th St. as seen from from the interior. 44285150 The Board Sandy, Sharon, Ted, Donna, and John stand in the main room of the museum during a meeting. 44409084 Shoe Sewing Machine After being stored in a barn for years this sewing machine is in need of some TLC. 44409085 Kitchen Tool Display 44409086 Kildow's Canoe Found submerged and once thought to be carved from our local Native Americans, the canoe was actually carved by Mr. Kildow. 44409087 Sweeny Children Entertainment Board member Vickie Eagle and her brother used to sit and watch silent cartoons on this projector. 44409088 Mannequin Model Tyler Christensen Mannequins were needed for the veterans' uniforms, but were too costly to purchase. Volunteers have made some using mainly duct tape and people willing to be wrapped. 45923421